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Komsel Information Systems is a privately held software company, established in 1995.
Komsel Info. Sys. specializes in complementary solutions for SMB and SOHO ERP software.
We have acquired great experience and knowledge with
Wizcount (Hashavshevet) and SAP Business One.
We supply a variety of solutions concerning accounting, sales and marketing,
stock management, top-level management reports, barcode solutions and more.
We emphasis the importance of ROI - Return On Investment. The customer is main issue...
Most of our products combine BI (Business Intelligence) aspects targeting the users needs.
The main belief that leads our products: the organization's main activity should be performed
in the main ERP software, and the tasks that are missing or incomplete are performed
in komsel products, with full integration to the main ERP.
We take great care for usability, user friendly and smart solutions,
that usually are offered in the upper level and most expensive ERP solutions.
The bottom line: Komsel products objective is to save time and money with complicated tasks,
and to give the management a state-of-the-art tools to make the best business decisions.
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