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Our partners:

Hashavshevet LTD
Hashavshevet LTD
Hashavshevet - Wizcount (Wizsoft) is one of the biggest software houses in israel.
The company holds over 200 employees, and spreads in over 18 branches in israel, and one in the US.
Over 30000 customers are using the company products.
Wizsoft develops and markets business software in israel and over the world.

SAP develops, markets, and supports SAP Business One:
A full solution for advanced SMB management.
SAPManage holds hundreds of employees in development, marketing, support and instruction

AGR Financial Management Solutions Ltd.
is a software company, specializing in the development of software solutions for financial management in general, and Cash flow management in particular.

WizDoc is a concept-based search engine.
WizDoc enables searching by two methods:
The concept-based search method “understands” the meaning of text. The user enters text in English describing the subject he or she is searching for, and WizDoc finds the pages relating to this subject.
The string search method is the common search method used by other search engines too. The user enters a text query, and WizDoc finds pages containing this text.

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