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Category: Productivity tools for: Wizcount for Windows

SmartMailer for Wizcount 7

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Create mailing labels easily and effectively for customers / suppliers in wizcount.
Produce mailing labels by proposals, invoices, or any other document created in designated time frame.
Print labels for a specified group by locality, area code, agent and more.
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Demo (Flash)
Retrieval of tel-aviv customers, to effectively create mailing labels
Do you want to open a sale for customers in a specific district? Send proposals by mail? Send invoices quickly at the end of the month? Holiday greetings? Its now easier then ever!!
Lots of time saved in collecting customers details for mailing.
Print labels in windows, as it appears in Wizcount, with no font design limits.
Print mailing labels according to addresses in Wizcount, with a click
Select addresses by account range, category code range, cutoff, and more...
Addresses retrieval by city, area code, agent.
Select accounts by documents at a time frame: invoices, proposals, receipts, cheques, and more...
Automatically send multiple emails to customers from Wizcount, with a click
Label design: Fonts, Boldness, Size, and more
Automatically send fax to customers from Wizcount by their fax numbers, with a click
Easily select label content: Click on the data you want to appear on the label (name, key, address, city, contact,....)
Quickly and easily define a label page. No need to measure and mechanically calculate heights and lengths
View a list of address fitting the scope specified, for check-out and review
Option to sort addreses by city or zip code
Output reports in windows to every printer and by fax or email
No need to run Wizcount
No need to export and import files from Wizcount
Simple install. Friendly and easy use.
Mailing Tools for Wizcount 7. Trial for 14 days (ZIP)
File size: 1850 KB
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